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Envirotech Systems – Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Anechoic Chambers, Sound Test Chamber, NVH Test Chamber in India.

The anechoic chambers are useful in automobile industries. They are constructed to attenuate noise with its outer structures fabricated with modular panels. The inner surfaces are lined with metallic wedge/ PU wedge/ plain to act as absorbing surfaces. A fully functional anechoic chamber has functional floors that have grating to support any heavy test subject. They are designed to suppress all the internal sounds and is used to measure acoustical severity. They provide comprehensive service with a turnkey solution with guaranteed acoustic adjustments. The materials used are of superior quality regulated under the ISO accreditation. Envirotech Systems is one of India’s most reliable and largest Designers, Developers & Suppliers of Anechoic Chambers for Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) Test Facilities.

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