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Envirotech Systems – Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Noise Test Booth and can be used as Quiet Room, Sound Proof Rooms Medical Testing Facilities, Automotive Equipment Testing Chamber/booths, NVH Testing Technologies and other Commercial Sound Isolation.

We, have a wide range of designs that are used for R&D labs that develop intricate products. These booths primarily function to provide an ambient zone that helps in the assessment of vibration and noise. This also helps in equipping the chamber for improved performances, serving to a high level of accuracies. They are quite useful in automotive, refrigeration and AC industry et al. The booth can also be custom designed to achieve ambient resolution up to 15dB(A). It provides proper fabrication with supply. Site installation can be availed with the quality test as per the requisite. Other industries where this can be used are electric motors, transformers, speaker testing,and compressor manufacturing units.

Envirotech Systems Provide facilities :

  • Complete design / drawing of noise test booth / chamber
  • Acoustic performance as technically desired
  • Testing facilities available
  • Manual / Automatic system of product entry / exit , without any noise leakage , the automatic system to open / close entry / exit door can be synchronize with test bench to achieve test cycle.