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Gas Turbine Acoustic Enclosure

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Envirotech Systems – is the leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Sound Proof Gas Turbine Acoustic Enclosure and Steam Turbines In India.

Gas turbine acoustic enclosure are equipped with IR3 type flame detectors, Inert gas fire extinguishing system, IR3 type fire detectors, IR Flammable gas detectors. The noise pollution with gas turbine enclosures are 86dB (A). They are available in mild carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum variants. The F and G controller is installed with FGS IP55 rated panels.

Gas Turbine Acoustic Enclosure equipped with the following systems

  • IR3 type flame detectors.
  • IR Flammable gas detectors.
  • IR3 type fire detectors
  • Shutdown and electrical isolation of the package
  • Shutdown of the ventilation system and closure of its fire dampers.
  • Initiation of fire suppression system / appropriate alarms (audible and visual) and communication of status / alarm signals hardwired to central fire and gas system